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“Even at my age, I am always looking to learn. In fact, if I don’t learn at least one new thing each day I don’t feel fulfilled.”     Stephen B. Henry, PhD


Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD, is an author, web developer, small business consultant, and mentor. Known by many online as “the wiz” Steve provides technical and online presence support to small business owners, e-commerce providers, and entrepreneurs, including those who work from home. He works with individuals, management teams, and organizations, and holds workshops and select mastermind groups. Steve is the Executive Director of the Online Sellers Association and the web consultant at Our Hutch Web Services. He provides website and business consulting to other web services companies as well. Steve is active on several social media sites and is always glad to make new friends and explore new ideas.

Spritual Marketing, a sustainable e-commerce model is not a religious thing, and I won’t be preaching to you. This is a business thing and has to do with how the individual marketer can be honest, play fair, and still succeed, in a world seemingly dominated by big business, misleading offers, and downright cheating.

You don’t have to be big to be noticed. You don’t have to mislead to develop interest. And you certainly don’t have to cheat to get ahead. What you DO need is a marketable product or service, a workable plan, put into play with sustained focus and commitment.

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Email:  therev@ourhutch.com
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Email: jan@purposetalkradio.com
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Jan Revell is the creator of Body Linguistics© – a method of reading the body to help better understand your personality, the why of some of your attitudes and behaviors, as well as lessons you want to lean in this lifetime. Your body even has the clues for finding out your purpose in life. How often have most of us asked: “What IS the purpose anyway?”
To learn more about this technique and training courses, visit www.BodyLinguistics.org.

Jan is an Intuitive Coach and Dreamwork facilitator. Clients have expressed profound effects in their lives as a result of working with Jan.

Jan also works with the Angelic Realm to bring you insights and messages from Angels and loved ones who have passed over. Whatever your question or concern, there are those who love you to offer you guidance and/or reinforcement. Sign up for a reading with her at www.purposetalkradio.com/readings. And visit her new site: www.angelparties.org to book your own Angel Party!





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