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MONDAY, OCTOBER 14, 2013 – Sara Joy

“Trusting Life Through Heart”

“One of the biggest keys to happiness is trust. Trust in yourself, trust in your intuition, trust in God, and trust that there is more to you than who you are at even your proudest moment. We are so much more powerful and important than we will ever realize.”-Sara Joy


Sara Joy is an internationally recognized intuitive counselor, medium, coach, medical intuitive, and energy practitioner. She came from a traditional Christian home and her faith is very important to her. She believes strongly in God and is so honored to have been chosen to bring his loving messages to help others. She lived for 11 years in an abusive relationship until she gained the strength to leave. It was during this time that her spiritual awakening occurred and her gifts began to blossom. Through her journey she has come to realize that her true life purpose is to help others find the joyful place she now lives in. Finding your personal joy will allow you all the abundance in the world as we attract to us what we put out.

Sara came through a life of being bullied as a child, an abusive marriage, many times of uncertainty to where she is now where she has found her “Joyful Heart.”  It was not easy, although the realization of what needed to be done to get to the place she is now was sudden. Sara believes that anyone can find their happiness and inner peace if they just listen to the spirit within them. When we are at our lowest is when the voice becomes the loudest and the pull to be who we really are becomes the strongest. The messages that come through can often be confusing and the path to take clouded. She can help clear the way for you and help you find your joy and feel your peace.

When she discovered just four years ago what she was meant to do, it was transformational for Sara. She will share her story and help empower others to find their joyful heart, as she does in her personal and professional life every day.

She says, “I was called in 2010 to work with other people who were lost, afraid, and seeking answers. People like I used to be–so far from hope. So far from happy. This is where my Find Your Joyful Heart work began. Through my work as a spiritual counselor, intuitive, and coach over the last 3 1/2 years, the exercises within this book emerged.. Using the tools provided in the book I have seen the transformation in not only myself, but countless other people. I am so grateful to now be able to share it with you, and I truly hope that you will find this site to be an inspiration to Find Your Joyful Heart.”

Professionally Sara has studied at the school of Meridian Energetics® learning advanced energy techniques which certifies her as a medical intuitive and channeler. She holds a certification in Reiki, and also has a MS in Communications. Before starting her own business she worked in sales, marketing and management.


Connect with Sara:

Websites: www.joyfulheartwellness.com and www.findyourjoyfulheart.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sara.joy.75?fref=ts


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Cindy Freeman, Purpose Talk Radio host and creator of Positive News Month and Positive News Day strives to bring guests who have achieved their purpose in life and are wanting to share how they did it and encourage others to do the same thing. She will be launching True Visions Magazine, an online positive news magazine, soon.

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