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MONDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2013 – Rev. Patty Pipia

“The Art of Spiritual Healing”

When people first hear Rev. Patty Pipia speak, they may recognize some remnant from her days of growing up on New York or from working in a bar. It doesn’t take long, though, before you realize that she has a love for life, herself and for others. “You are greatly loved” is her daily prayer and affirmation. It is as much for herself as it is for those around her. She believes and teaches that that love often needs to come from a place of spiritual healing. She does not come from a place of religion or doctrine teaching, but instead from a place of living life to the fullest. Rev. Patty will share with us how to release limiting emotions and beliefs, to make peace with oneself, to make the changes necessary to achieve ones goals dreams and aspirations. In other words, Rev. Patty will share how we all can get to being spiritually healed—in body, mind and spirit—so we can be in a place of  believing and receiving that love that we all are and deserve. 

Rev. Patty Pipia is an internationally known speaker and healer. Her mission is Oneness of mind, body and spirit where you are greatly loved and inspired to be all that you can be as a spiritual being. She also has recorded three meditation CD and written the book Spirit Speaks.

Rev. Patty Pipia is a Unity minister and joyously shares her understanding of Universal Laws and Metaphysical Teachings. She exemplifies her conviction that God is the all accepting, unlimited, inclusive expression of Life itself. Her Divine Trinity is quite simply—love, love and love. Her constant prayer and life expression is “You are greatly loved!” devoting her life and ministry that all may know it, believe it and live it. The message and her mission are clear: “Live powerfully! Live fully now! Share this with everyone!”

After having been “in the world,” Rev. Patty has a bit of her New York upbringing and barroom edge occasionally showing through, yet she is warm and approachable. She has helped many people tap into their inner potential by her down-to-earth manner, her characteristic humor, pure love and joy. A key component to Rev. Patty’s healing ministry is her own spiritual awakening and facilitating it in those with who she teaches and counsels. She says, “Awakened, it is the Soul that ultimately does the healing, prospering, freeing, and uplifting work. The fruit of this is health, prosperity and peace of mind.”

In all of her sharing and teaching, Rev. Patty invites others to discover why they came to be here—why they were born. Through her many gifts and the knowledge of a lifetime of deep personal experience and study. She teaches how to release limiting emotions and beliefs, to make peace with oneself, to make the changes necessary to achieve one’s goals dreams and aspirations. She evokes the experience of Oneness of mind, body and Spirit in harmony and balance and then mentors the process. She teaches that no one is expected to do everything; rather, they are meant to co-create with their highest Selves—the God of their understanding.

Connect with Rev. Patty:

Website: http://www.revpatty.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pattypipia?fref=ts

To order Rev. Patty’s CD, contact her through her website.  To order her book on Amazon, go to Patty Pipia

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