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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2013 – Malana Ashlie

“Thrill of Unknown”

Malana Malana discusses her move from the United States (a country known for it “riches” and “comfort”) to Honduras to live a simplier way of life. Join as Purpose Talk Radio begins a new chapter as Cindy Freeman begins her time as show host. 

Malana Ashlie 
often is called a Spiritual Healer because of her ability to trace the core of pain in others, bringing about a sense of peace. She is a traditional naturopath and herbalist. She is also an intuitive, Reiki Master, and student of subtle energies; holding a PhD in Metaphysics. Her desire to find reason and healing for chronic conditions began a search that has included study with elders of Mayan and Hawaiian cultures as well as teachers of sacred Native American traditions. Her current home is on the Caribbean Coast of Honduras where she continues her holistic practice in person or thru internet contact. She also works with the local single mothers in a self-empowerment project that is supported by contributions and the sales of her books. Malana writes books and articles promoting wellness by a sense of connection and oneness. This insight and more she offers through her consultations, writing and healing vacations. 

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Website: www.wisdompathway.com

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Cindy Freeman, Purpose Talk Radio host and creator of Positive News Month and Positive News Day strives to bring guests who have achieved their purpose in life and are wanting to share how they did it and encourage others to do the same thing.  

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