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Krysta Bell, Jan. 27, 2014MONDAY, JANUARY 27, 2014 – KRYSTA BELL

“Find Your Muse and Follow Your Purpose”

“You have power of influence and the will to inspire.”~Krysta Bell

Krysta Bell is the creator of Krysta Bells Muse Letter. She inspires writers, photographers, artists, and good natured businesses to create their influence. Her magazine has published genius ideas from all around the globe. Her passion for people has become a platform for all ages to share their unique purpose in the minds of humanity.

Special Offer:


 if you place an order, please be sure to include that you learned about Krysta and Bells Muse on this show. Purpose Talk Radio will receive a $1.00 donation per order. Krysta says she is doing this because “This radio show offers so much empowerment to find, create, and act on our purpose.” Products and services are magazine; contest for photography, art, writers; and advertising for good natured businesses. This can be at anytime in the future.

Connect with Krysta:

Facebook – Krysta Bells Muse Letter (business/fan page) Krysta Bell (personal)
Phone:  208-625-0885

Cindy-Freeman headshot

Host Cindy Freeman, strives to bring guests who have achieved their purpose in life and are wanting to share how they did it and encourage others to do the same thing. In addition to being the host of Purpose Talk Radio, Cindy is the owner of True Visions Media–to help with all areas of writing, editing and graphic design of written materials and Facebook coaching/consultation; creator of Positive News Month (July) and Positive News Day (July 15); and a full-time student to become a sign language interpreter.  She will be launching True Visions Magazine, an online positive news magazine, soon.

Connect with Cindy
Email: cindy@purposetalkradio.com
http://www.facebook.com/groups/383388928378659/ (Purpose Talk Radio Conversations Group)
True Trinity (songwriting trio and creators of PTR theme song “I Am Who I Am”: www.truetrinity.com
Positive News Day: www.positivenewsday.com
True Visions Media: www.truevisionsmedia.org

Skype: cindy.freeman.writeit4you


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