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Life Is A Spiritual Experience In A Human Form… Embrace Its True Meaning and Beauty”   Derek Reid


Derek Reid’s personal awareness journey started as far back as 1989 when he was involved in a head-on car crash, sustaining injuries to his head and foot. Upon his arrival in hospital, Derek went into a coma after hyperventilating from blood filling his lungs while undergoing an emergency operation.  Derek remembers his coma well as his hearing was ‘active’ throughout – leaving him in an ‘aware state’ within his entombed body.

After coming through his coma, Derek attempted suicide, was back in active service in the Army and into war in less than a year. He also experienced PTSD, which went untreated – as well as drug, drink addiction and depression for 15 years, while still serving in the military.

Derek also experienced massive weight gain but worked his way back from ‘one extreme to the other,’ becoming an elite athlete through the power of intention. He now promotes a ‘your health is your wealth’ attitude in discovering the 9 essential elements that have to be in place for you to experience a balanced and beautiful lifespan.

After attending a life-saving course in Utah 2005, Derek returned home to Glasgow, Scotland and began to facilitate an  ‘Inner Happiness’  program as a 10-week course and on a 1-day seminar basis.

Derek is The Forgiveness Teacher, Mentor and Specialist in Personal Power and Awareness and above all else… humbled to be on this earth living his purpose.

Derek’s course: Inner Happiness – the Key To Life Mastery is a 9-week course that begins next Monday! Here are some of the the highlights; be sure to check out his event page for full details.

Discover the 9 essential steps to Inner Happiness

What you will learn

  • COMMUNICATION-how to be an effective speaker
  • ACCOUNTABILITY-the power of now
  • ABUNDANCE-your birthright to rewards
  • RELATIONSHIPS-access the power to fulfillment
  • WELLNESS-create the level of energy you deserve
  • LAW OF ATTRACTION-the things they don’t tell you
  • ENROLLMENT-The circles we manifest & move in
  • PARADIGM SHIFTING-create your new world
  •  V.I.C.T.O.R.Y-GOAL- SETTING workshop that simply works!

Think of this as your great launchpad not only into your New Year but without doubt your New Life


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Connect with Derek:
Facebook: www.facebook.com/derekreidsuccesscoach
Website: www.derekreid.com/
October 15 – Derek’s Course: Inner Happiness – the Key To Life Mastery


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