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Cindy Freeman signing; Jana Stanfield singing (photo)

Cindy Freeman signing; Jana Stanfield singing

MONDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2012 – CINDY FREEMAN, What does it mean to “See” and “Have Vision” in your life?

“”What do you see when you look at me. Do you see who I am or who I’m trying to be? I’m scared in here behind my brave face. I stand before you asking for grace.”  Jana Stanfield


Cindy Freeman is part of True Trinity, the group who created the theme song “I Am Who I Am” that was chosen for this show. She has been moderating the Purpose Talk Radio Conversations page for several months, and she is also “all over” Facebook as a contributor, co-administrator of several groups and pages. Those who have read Cindy’s profile or pages, know she tries to stay positive and give people something of content to read. She doesn’t like to be superficial in relationship and cherishes two-way conversation.

In her teen years (and even before) Cindy knew that she wanted to be a writer and yet was drawn to sign language and music as well. She grew up playing guitar in a Catholic church where she first learned to sign because she watched the interpreter and asked that person to teach her. She even joined a “sign singing group” to combine sign language with music. Her first feature article for the high school newspaper was about deafness and she arranged to have her sign language teachers, a deaf man and a deaf-blind women attend her English class.

Cindy spent a dozen years (or so) at various community newspapers, ending with one where she learned about sports until the 60- to 70-hour work weeks burned her out. During some of those years, she often worked other jobs to supplement the income of a journalist. During this time she moved out of her parent’s home and discovered that the religion of her upbringing was not serving her anymore. It was a foundation, but she wanted to know more. She went on a spiritual search.

Jump forward 29 years. Cindy says she was told by God to start a deaf ministry at her church, which was a bible-based, tongues-speaking Christian church. Even though she had continued in a sign singing group for most of her life, she realized she had no real understanding as to what an interpreter did or how it was done. She realized too that she had to return to school to find that out. By that time, the once six-week program had been expanded to a two-year program. Cindy and Jana on stage (photo)

One day while signing on the stage with a friend, that friend asked her in front of the audience “When are  you going to start interpreting school?” When she replied, “This fall,” she knew the words were not hers. She had no intention of interpreting school, just of taking some classes, and school that would mean a month to get financial aid, registered for classes, and anything else that was needed.

After the first year of the two years of interpreting school, she became legally blind. Interpreting is a very visual profession. Not only must one be able to express with her hands what is being said to a deaf person, she must be able to voice what is being signed for a hearing person. When she could no longer see the hands and/or facial expression of those for which she needed to, she was forced out of the college program. That did not stop her. She continued to have that vision of interpreting clearly in her mind and she was more determined than ever to get there.

Cindy had surgery to restore enough eyesight to return to the program last spring. 

We will be talking with Cindy about what it means to see, go blind, and have sight – even though limited – returned to her. “Seeing” and “having vision” impacts us all – in every aspect of our lives. Many are trying to learn to “see” what is not physically present to them; to “vision” their lives, etc. Cindy’s life gives all of us a clearer vision of what seeing can mean and how we can learn to see and vision in our own lives.

Jana with Kari Ann and Ann singing and Cindy interpreting (photo)


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