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MONDAY, MAY 6, 2013 –
Peter Fairfield:
DEEP HAPPY  ~ There is happy. And then there is Deep Happy.

“Everybody wants to be happy, nobody wants to be in pain, and everybody suffers. Whether you call it stress reduction, pain management or spiritual transformation, we need to begin to experience the world through our emotions, not be disconnected from them. They have much to tell us.” Peter Fairfield

Peter Fairfield, LAc,
is a medical intuitive, healer, teacher licensed acupuncturist with over 40 years of clinical experience helping clients to heal and become who they really are. His specialty is working with mood, behavior and transformational issues, though he is happy to work with any accompanying physical problems as well.

His research has brought him to a very deep and wide understanding of the physiology, both Eastern and Western, that holds and expresses our inner patterns through personality, action and the choices and direction we find ourselves taking in our lives.

Peter is the author of Deep Happy; A Fun, Practical and Mystical Approach to Experiencing Deep and Profound Happiness.

Most of us experience happy in transient moments—watching a sunset, the first flush of love, breathing in nature, being hugged by someone whose approval we seek or getting something we have long wanted.

But is that really happiness? And what about the rest of the time? Do you live your life in a profound sense of UN-happiness—seeking to find more of that high—and instead suffering, worrying, wallowing.

Wouldn’t you like to experience a deeper, peaceful, and satisfying Happiness that is always inside you? Now you can. Renowned healer, Eastern journeyer and teacher Peter Fairfield shows you how to find it, KEEP connected to IT and live from that place in his new book DEEP HAPPY: How to Get There and Always Find Your Way Back (Weiser Books)

DEEP HAPPY is also about listening to our bodies and the Universe. A very real part of us is beneath the ebb and flow of the outer experience. An inner part of us is already experiencing this deeper, peaceful place that is at the center of who we are. Fairfield maintains it is easy to find that well of peace and joy and shows the way.

With wonderful stories and illuminating wisdom, plus dozens of specific inner practices and inquiries, DEEP HAPPY helps anyone to drop beneath the noise of everyday life to feel calm and happy on the inside, even while weathering the inevitable storms that life brings. DEEP HAPPY’s mystical and humorous, yet practical, approach to achieving everyday happiness, makes true joy and connection attainable for each of us.

Fairfield–who has extensively studied western science and the spiritual and healing systems in Nepal, Tibet, India, Thailand, and China–absorbed much from Taoist and Qigong traditions, and worked with many great Tibetan Lamas and yogis. He offers stories of his spiritual adventures around the world to illustrate what is possible for anyone willing to follow their own heart. Fairfield–whose diverse resume includes working with Moroccan Sufis, the doctor to the King of Bhutan and being the natural healer/acupuncturist of choice for stars of the music and entertainment business including some of the world’s leading pop, rock and film figures — is a gentle teacher who uses his own colorful and often-other worldly experiences to point us down a road to our own DEEP HAPPY.

DEEP HAPPY gives us the tools to:Link to Deep Happy on Amazon

  • Weather difficulty and disappointment, and still be positive and hopeful
  • Experience mindfulness and inner awareness
  • Understand and dissolve the pain and suffering that colors our everyday lives
  • Speak from the heart and live your own truth fully
  • Negotiate and activate the three levels of happiness—the self, relationships, and the ultimate expression of freedom and wisdom experiencing your connection to our living universe
  • Release expectations and specific outcomes in order to be in appreciation with WHAT IS
  • Enhance our intuitive skills so that we follow the choices that discover our happiness
  • Use ancient wisdom traditions and modern scientific discovery to help us make sense of our lives
  • Liberate us from the fear of death so that living is far more unlimited and vital
  • Discover how deep happiness resides within us and connects us to the larger universe.
  • Tap into our own mystical aspects to live more presently and fully in the state of DEEP HAPPY

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Jan Revell is the creator of Body Linguistics© – a method of reading the body to help better understand your personality, the why of some of your attitudes and behaviors, as well as lessons you want to lean in this lifetime. Your body even has the clues for finding out your purpose in life. How often have most of us asked: “What IS the purpose anyway?”
To learn more about this technique and training courses, visit www.BodyLinguistics.org.

Jan is an Intuitive Coach and Dreamwork facilitator. Clients have expressed profound effects in their lives as a result of working with Jan.

Jan also works with the Angelic Realm to bring you insights and messages from Angels and loved ones who have passed over. Whatever your question or concern, there are those who love you to offer you guidance and/or reinforcement. Sign up for a reading with her at www.purposetalkradio.com/readings. And visit her new site: www.angelparties.org to book your own Angel Party!

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